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10 Tips to Creating a Child-Friendly Kitchen

Have you experienced being trailed around by your kids wherever you went, including the kitchen? For most mums, it’s a common experience to go through. While it is great to have your kids around the house, sometimes you want them to just stay put especially when you are in the kitchen.


The kitchen is a focal part of your home and it is unavoidable for them to stay out of it in a day’s time. So to help you make your kitchen safer and friendlier for your children, here are 10 tips you can try.


1. Add a sturdy step-stool in your kitchen.

If you think your child is too small to reach the countertop, then you can consider adding a sturdy step-stool somewhere around your children. This would help them reach certain items in your kitchen while you work on dinner.


2. Store snacks and other food in a cabinet with a comfortable height for your kids.

Your children will always go to places where there is food, just like your kitchen. Place their snacks and other foods in storage areas and cabinets within their reach.


3. Allot a small workplace for your children.

Allot a small space for them in your kitchen if your child likes to help in preparing snacks and even cooking family meals.


4. Give them a drawer.

Having their own drawer in the kitchen is a great way to keep toys and other play things in their proper place. This is also where they can keep their art works and materials.


5. Store sharp objects away from their reach.

Storing sharp objects away from their reach helps you have a peace of mind when you leave them inside the kitchen. Sharp object could hurt them and to prevent that, it should not be within their reach.


6. Keep kitchen utensils and dining ware stored in reachable areas.

Ask your kids to help you prepare the table by placing kitchen utensils and dining ware such as bowls, forks, plates, and glasses in a cabinet they can comfortably reach. Apart from that, you no longer have to assist them when they need to get a glass or a plate in the future.


7. Store cleaning products in a high cabinet.

Cleaning products and other chemicals can be poisonous and dangerous for your children. Make sure you clear your kitchen of these items by placing them in high cabinets.


8. Keep some toys in the kitchen.

Keep toys in your kitchen to keep them busy while you prepare meals and snacks.


9. Give them a place for art.

Transform your kitchen refrigerator into an art gallery of your children’s work. It can instantly create a lighter mood in your kitchen.


10. Keep electrical cords out of your children’s reach.

Don't risk your children from getting electrocuted. Keep electrical cords away from them as they won’t need these kitchen appliances any time soon.