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2012 Trends for Fitted Kitchens

"Kitchen today have not only been used for cooking, but also as a place to entertain guests and keep them company. It is the heart of the home before and is still, up to today. For kitchens trends and designs, the year 2011 as all about having grey colours and more streamlines kitchens. Next year, 2012, will be a lot different from the fitted kitchens of 2011.


There will be diversity with the colours used, appliances, and also the overall theme of the kitchen. Although there are many types of kitchens such as modern, shaker, and country style kitchen, which all have different characteristics and charms, keeping these new trends in mind for your new kitchen will give it an updated and youthful look.


2012 Colours Trends


If you have the same white walls and white coloured countertops for decades, then you might want to think about changing them according to the trends of 2012. Basically, 2012 fitted kitchens are seen to have deep and rich colours, as well as modern neutrals.


Colours to watch out for are black, cool greys and slate colours, and even pink and purple undertones will have this as their year. You can also try metallic and pearlised colours, gold, bronze, and silver since these colours will be strong. In addition to those shades, you may also go for khaki and green in cameo, as well as animal print elements.


For appliances, invest on stainless steel appliances since these are ‘safe’ choices for the next year.


2012 Fitted Kitchen Features


This year is all about space for fitted kitchen features. A couple of trends present for kitchen features are emphasize on space such as having enough storage and having islands. Storage in your kitchen means having convenience and smartly placed storage solutions. This eliminates clutter in your kitchen and keeps things hidden from plain sight. By simply having a small extension of an existing space, beneath the eating bar, serving bar, or an island can create space.


If you have a big kitchen, you can take advantage of 2012’s trend of oversized kitchens. These islands offer a large space for preparing and working in the kitchen. Moreover, you can use this as additional storage space for pots and pans.


Although kitchen trends may come and go, these two changes may stay for many years to come. Practicality and their tendency to be flexible can make any kitchen look new and fashionable no matter what the current trend is."