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3 Cheap Kitchen Upgrades for a More Modern Look


Giving your kitchen a new look does not necessarily mean having to spend a large amount of your savings for it. The kitchen is easy to update for a more modern look. We have listed here three tips you can try to modernise your old kitchen. Read through all the tips and don’t be afraid to try one or combine all of them together.


1. Revamp your kitchen cabinets



Kitchen cabinets have a big impact on your kitchen. They set the look of your kitchen and can even dictate its mood. If you are tired of looking at your kitchen cabinets, one quick and easy way of revamping them is by painting them or replacing the fronts.


Repainting your old cabinets is the cheapest way to give them new life. However not all cabinets can be painted. Ask your friends or a professional for their opinion. If you can’t paint on them because it would be a waste, have the kitchen fronts replaced with a style and colour that you like. You can keep the old fronts or sell them.


2. Stylise your walls



Sometimes, all your kitchen needs is a new colour – especially the walls. For a more modern look, opt for more bold colours to paint on your walls such as primary blue, crisp white, or any other bright colour. Now apart from the walls, you should also consider retiling your kitchen backsplash. This is also a cheap alternative to painting your whole kitchen’s walls. Go creative with your backsplash or get inspiration from other modern kitchens you like and adapt it for your home.


3. Add accessories



Adding accessories to your kitchen does not simply mean decorations, it also means adding functional items in such as lighting. LED lighting under your cabinets or on top of your stove is a nice way of creating a modern look for your kitchen. Task lighting is important in locations such as your kitchen countertops and island because this is where you will prepare food.


Other kitchen accessories you can replace around your kitchen are your old cabinet pulls and kitchen faucet. These minor and affordable kitchen replacements will create a different and modern look without breaking the bank. Apart from those, you can also add a kitchen rug or carpet in your kitchen. This is an easy way to decorate your boring kitchen floors.


Whether you are trying to modernise your free-standing or fitted kitchen, you can try any of these tips. If you have some tips of your own, make sure to send us a message!