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3 Cheap Kitchen Upgrades that Increase Your Home`s Value

Having a kitchen you can show off and be proud of is something a lot of homeowners dream of. The kitchen can be considered as the main hub of a home since it is where meals are prepared. It may even be the only part of a home everyone in your house goes to on a daily basis.



Like any remodelling project, remodelling your kitchen can benefit you in two ways: It improves the quality of life as you enjoy your kitchen and it also enhances the value of your home when the time to sell it comes. Kitchen remodelling is a good investment to make out of the many home improvement projects (second to bathroom remodelling) because almost 66% of your initial costs for the project will be recuperated during the sale.


While a total kitchen update can cost you a significant amount of money, there are many other options you can try to individually take. These kitchen updates are minor yet can still have an effect to the overall look of your kitchen and improve its value. If you want to upgrade your kitchen little by little, we have a few suggestions that might pique your interest. These small kitchen upgrades will improve the value of your home without breaking the bank.


1.       Reface your kitchen cabinets


Are you considering refacing your kitchen cabinets? With today’s economy, it’s one of the best options you can take. When you reface your cabinets, you are able to instantly give your kitchen a new look. It only costs about half of what you could spend in actually replacing your cabinets. It’s fast and easy to do, affordable, and it requires less effort to complete. Apart from that, you can still use your kitchen while the remodelling is being done.


2.       Replace kitchen countertop


Tired of looking at your beaten kitchen countertop? Consider replacing them with a new laminate kitchen countertop. This kind of material is big on style with a relatively low price. They are worthy contenders for other materials such quartz, concrete, slab granite, and ceramic tile costing £330-£1,539 or more. This is a cost-effective option available in different styles and colours.


3.       Upgrade flooring


Upgrade your old kitchen flooring with new smart options such as vinyl, porcelain, hardwood, or even cork for eco-conscious homeowners. Choosing one depends on your kitchen’s needs so if you want to have a durable flooring material, go for porcelain. If you want low maintenance and comfortable flooring, then choose vinyl which is also a top choice among chefs.


Remodelling your kitchen with these three suggestions is easy, fast, and effective. You will see the value of your home jump from 75 to almost 100 percent on what you spent for the remodel. If you have a fitted kitchen or a free standing kitchen that needs remodelling, consider these tips today.