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3 Questions Asked by First Time Buyers of Fitted Kitchens

Have you been considering remodelling your old kitchen with a new one? Well if you have, you might want to have a fitted kitchen added to your home. This kind of kitchen is well loved by many homeowners because of its variability, ease of installation, and customisability. Having your kitchen installed with fitted kitchens will increase your family’s quality of living and improve the resale value of your home.



Ever since we started in the industry, we have come across a lot of first time buyers interested in having their own fitted kitchens yet had a lot of questions. We have gathered them and compiled the top 3 questions they ask. Be sure to keep on reading to find out whether you have the same questions so you can get them answered by professionals.


1.       What are fitted kitchens and what are the best styles for my home?


Basically, a fitted kitchen incorporates all items with measured units, including cupboards, appliances, furniture, and others into the layout of your kitchen area. These kinds of kitchens will have everything you need in a well-coordinated look. All the units are fitted to the wall of your kitchen, most of the time. These kitchens are complete and bespoke according to your needs.


2.       How much does a fitted kitchen cost?


The price of a fitted kitchen varies. You have to consider a number of factors such as the space of your home, the materials to be used, makes of the appliances, and other miscellaneous coststo get an accurate price. Despite that, fitted kitchens can commonly be quoted at £3,000 to £9,000 or more. Using a quote comparison website is a fast and easy way of getting fitted kitchen quotes for your home.


3.       Are your fitted kitchens guaranteed?


Guaranteed work for your kitchen is a good sign of your chosen company’s responsibility and confidence in their work. Guarantees for kitchens usually lasts for years and having one for your own fitted kitchen can give you a peace of mind. Avail of free repairs and maintenance services to fully maximise your benefits.


If you are interested in having your own fitted kitchen, make sure you are aware to the answers to these simple questions. Don’t be misled by dodgy salesmen. Apart from that, make sure to visit our fitted kitchen quote comparison website to receive accurate and free quotes from trusted companies in your locality.