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4 Pet-Friendly Kitchen Ideas To Try

Just last year, it was estimated that 48% of UK households have at least one pet. If we were to put that in millions, that would be 13 million households. 23% of households have a dog while 19% have cats. While other pets range from indoor fishes to even pigeons, dog and cats are the most common pets that are actually able to roam inside your home, including the kitchen. It might even be one of their favourite spots!


So why not make their visit to your kitchen comfortable, convenient, and safe for you, your family, and pets. To help you achieve a pet-friendly kitchen, we here at FittedKitchensInfo.co.uk have written 4 tips and ideas that can help you make your kitchen friendly and comfortable for your pets. Follow these easy tips today.


1. Create a bed for your pet under the kitchen counter




If your pet loves to hang around the kitchen and watch you cook, then a bed under the kitchen counter maybe a good way to let him have a comfortable stay. Now you know where it will be staying while you prepare a meal in the kitchen. As soon as you have one, you won’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on its tail or paws!


2. Place dog food containers under the kitchen island



If you have a dining table for you and your family, then your pet should have a dining table too! You can covert the area under your kitchen island into a dining area for your pets. Place their doggie bowls or cat bowls under the kitchen island by allotting space for it. The image above should perfectly show you how you may do it. You can train your pets to only eat in the kitchen and not in the other areas of your home.


3. Use tight lid trash bins



The kitchen can be a tempting place for your four-legged pets because it is where people cook and prepare meals. Before you start throwing out your chicken bones, leftovers, sweets, and other things your cats and dogs might like, make sure you have a tight lid trash bin that prevents your pets from scavenging through them. Keeping them out of food that might do them more damage than good is a good way of showing them your love.


4. Cover your burners or replace them with an induction stove



One last tip to try is installing or placing stovetop covers after using them to keep cats safe. If they are the type who loves to jump onto the kitchen counter, covering your stovetop burner is a safe and inexpensive way. But if you have plans of completely replacing it, we suggest replacing it with a new induction stove. Induction burners only get hot when a pan or pot comes into contact with its surface. This not only makes it safe for your pets, but also for your children.


If you are on the lookout for pet-friendly kitchens that won’t cause any distractions for you, these are good tips you can ask about to your kitchen decorator. FittedKitchensInfo.co.uk can happily accommodate such requests. Contact us for a free quote.