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8 Tips to Sprucing Up Your Rental Kitchen

Everybody must have at least experienced living in a rental home with a rental bathroom, rental bedroom, and of course, a rental kitchen. Some landlords like to have their properties returned to them exactly the way they were rented. So forget about painting the walls a new colour (unless you ask permission and he or she agreed), breaking down walls, or having a new extension done or remodelling the whole kitchen. It won’t be worth the investment because you are just renting the place. The money you put into it will not return to you.



So if you want to protect your rental kitchen and at the same time, improve the way it looks to be more functional for you and your family, we have here a few simple tips that could make a whole lot of difference.


1. Add some lights

Adding some lights into your kitchen is an easy way to uplift your kitchen’s atmosphere. Under cabinet lighting will help illuminate kitchen countertops and anything under it. Choose LED lights as an investment.


2. Cover your kitchen’s floor

Whether you are faced with ugly flooring or just want to protect it to prevent further damages, cover it! But don’t just buy any simple carpet. Go buy yourself outdoor rugs which are capable of handling any dirt and mess that may fall upon it. Also, make sure these aren’t slippery to prevent accidents.


3. Line shelves and cabinets

Line your shelves and cabinets to help hide dirty drawers and old laminae. But of course, make sure you clean it to keep them clean while hiding irremovable dirt. There are a lot of designs and colours available so surely you will find one that suits your kitchen.


4. Cover old appliances

So your landlord tells you that your rental unit will already include some appliances. What a great relief because it’ll give you savings, right? But much to your dismay, you find that it’s a 20-year old refrigerator that won’t do you any good. To hide this, temporarily use an appliance cover available in different designs. Whether it’s a ref, microwave, or whatnot, there’s a cover for it.


5. Replace little cabinet hardware

Add a new look to the cabinets by replacing its hardware such as its handles. It’s a quick and affordable facelift. But if your cabinets can’t seem to be rescued by such, reface them instead if you are willing to spend more.


6. Cover unsightly tiles

Sometimes, there are just some stubborn dirty tiles that won’t come clean no matter how many times you clean, scrub, and smoother it with a chemical cleaner. Buy some tile covers some FASTBO from IKEA as a quick solution.


7. Get a new sink faucet

Sometimes, all you really need is a new faucet to change the look of your preparation area. There are a lot of different facets you can use to replace your old one.


8. Buy a moveable island

Need more storage but don’t have enough floor space? How about considering a moveable kitchen island? Although this will naturally be a lot smaller than your regular fixed kitchen island, a moveable one will give you the flexibility you need when working around your kitchen. When you aren’t using it, you can stow it away for later use.


Try these tips to have a new old kitchen without the heavy price tag. Next time you visit a friend with a rental free-standing or fitted kitchen, try advising these tips too.