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Choosing the Right Colour for Your Fitted Kitchen Interior

Colours are important to our everyday life. You may not just notice that you use colours every day. For instances like you can’t decide what to wear for today’s company meeting with your CEO, then you might just prefer the colour of your dress that suits your mood for the moment. In buying a new car as your present for your son’s birthday, you may choose his favourite colour. See, colours play an important part in our daily lives, especially in making a choice.



Colours also play a significant role in interior designing. Moreover, it is needed to complete the balance, contrast, and harmony in designing your home interior. Without the right choice of colours, the rule of balance, contrast, and harmony would not be established well and your interior could result to be disorderly. So, when designing your home interior, you have to carefully choose colour choices that would greatly match your desired theme.


One of the most significant rooms in the house is the kitchen. Sometimes, you invite friends over and tend to chitchat while eating in the kitchen. So, you need to have a nice interior design for your kitchen to make it look more inviting and a great place not just for cooking, but also for social activities. In order to give you some ideas about choosing the right colour for your fitted kitchen interior, here are bits of information that you can rely on in designing.


The Use of Light Colours


In interior designing, the use of light colours will make your room appear spacious. For instance, if you have a small kitchen space, then you may paint your walls with light pastel colours like sky blue, light green, white, or beige. You may also paint your cabinets and cupboards with pastel colours. You may purchase table and seating furniture that suits your light coloured interior. Just a tip, you can also use pastel coloured curtains and fabrics. Adding curtains to your kitchen windows will make your kitchen look more chic.


Creating a theme for your kitchen interior is also possible. Set for example if you love the beach, then you could come up with something that would make your kitchen the appearance and atmosphere like that of a beach. You can add some accessories like shell decors to make it look more modish.


The Use of Dark Colours


Dark colours said to be dominating. It symbolizes formality and elegance. Some homeowners use dark colours to make their interior look formal, especially when they have already some antique and classic furniture displayed at home. Just a tip, avoid utilising dark colours in small spaces because it will make it look tighter.


You may also think of a nice theme that will simply suit your idea of utilising dark colours to your interior. For your kitchen, you can use dark shades of blue and green on your wall painting or wallpaper. You may also use a black kitchen island and cupboards. As for your kitchen floor tiles, you can use a dark-coloured ceramic flooring. Also, you may add up some window curtains and accessories that will match your theme. Then there you go, you now have an elegant kitchen interior that your family and visitors can admire.


It is always up to you on how you want your interior look like. You may create a theme to make things easier for you in balancing your interior design, from decors to furniture. Most importantly, you have to choose the appropriate shades of colour for your kitchen space and you have to plan ahead for that. You can also use these tips anytime.