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Choosing the Right Wallpaper Type for Your Kitchen

Picking out the right wallpaper for your kitchen is more than just about considering what style or theme you're going for. Choosing the best design may be an important thing to consider when you're looking through the wallpaper section of DIY stores, but knowing the various types of wallpapers can also help you maintain your wallpaper and your kitchen in the long run:





Vinyl wallpapers are the most commonly purchased type of wallpaper and for good reason. Aside from being able to withstand grease and changes in humidity, they are easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about stains because all a vinyl wallpaper needs is a good scrubbing. Fabric-backed vinyl is a particularly good choice for kitchens because of its ruggedness and resistance to stain.




Although vinyl wallpaper is popular, non-woven is also rising in popularity especially because it’s eco-friendly. Unlike vinyl wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers do not have vinyl, which may have adverse effects to health and the environment.


Non-woven wallpapers are made of fibrous material, which does not have negative effects to the environment and is also washable and easy to remove. This means that you can take them off for scrubbing and then install them again when they’re clean. Because of its various advantages, non-woven wallpaper is becoming a favourite among homeowners since its introduction to the market eight years ago.




Grasscloth is another environmentally friendly wallpaper. This wallpaper is usually made by hand out of natural materials, adding texture and a natural look to your kitchen. However, grasscloth wallpapers are hard to clean. Although stain can be removed when immediately wiped off, professional cleaning might be necessary for heavier stains.




Wallpapers printed on paper are also environmentally friendly and were quite famous back in the day. Although they're not as famous now particularly because they’re difficult to remove and tear easily, they come in nice designs and can be preferred by homeowners who want to make their house look nostalgic.


Everything you need to install will depend on how you'll use your kitchen. Wallpapers are no exception. Before choosing which wallpaper design you want, make sure you know what wallpaper type you need for your fitted kitchen.