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Distinctive Planning Ideas for Your Kitchen Lighting


When remodelling your kitchen, furniture and wall colours are not the only necessary things to be considered. You also need to plan for the right lighting fixtures for your kitchen, may it be task, ambient, or feature lights.  


To help you plan for your kitchen lighting, here are some distinctive ideas that you can make use in finding the perfect lighting for the heart of your home.


1.       Opt for efficient task lighting.



Good lighting in your working space is important because it is where you do all the food prep. You need direct lighting on sinks, hobs, and worktops in order to make sure that cooking and chopping the ingredients are done safely. You can make use of halogen lights for your hob area. You can also utilise pendant lamps along with recessed down lighters if you do food prep on your kitchen island.


2.       Create a relaxed feeling with ambient lighting.



These days, kitchens have become a social hub in homes. Therefore, installing ambient lighting into your kitchen is a way of creating a laid-back feeling so, your friends and visitors can chill and feel at home. In choosing the right ambient lighting for your kitchen, you may opt between dimmable wall lights and decorative items, such as in-cabinets and shelf lights.


3.       Fit a range of coloured lighting to suit your mood.



Mood lighting can change the ambiance of your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen a place for chilling out and entertainment, then you may install plinth lighting such as strip lights all over your kitchen island or breakfast bar. This will as well create an illusion of floating furniture.


4.       Light up your kitchen corners.



Kitchen corners are often dark and unused. Why don’t you fit shelving storage into it and light it up? Fitting lights into your kitchen corners will help illuminate dark areas, kitchen accessories, appliances, and products.


5.       Mix-and-match light features.



You can mix and match the three main types of lighting, which are the task, ambient, and feature lights. But make sure to balance them properly. Blending light fixtures creates a collected appearance that mostly suits eclectic kitchens.


Being creative in lighting your kitchen is a good thing, however, you have to make sure that you are doing the right thing. In blending the different types of fixtures, it is important to get the balance right. Good and balanced lighting will absolutely transform the feel of your kitchen into a warm and inviting environment that complements your interior and furniture design.