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Exterminating The Fire: 3 Tips to Prevent Kitchen Fires from Happening


Cooking is supposed to be a task done with a lot of supervision but apparently, the recent events that occurred in London prove to be otherwise when three cooking fires happened all in one day.


Just this month, the London Fire Brigade was busy exterminating fires from three different locations because the home chefs forgot about their cooking. According to the brigade, they attend to almost 4,000 fires in kitchens every year, and that is in London alone.


The fire chiefs advised Londoners to keep an eye at their cooking, never leave it unattended, as well as not to place flammable items near the hob. But apart from those tips, we have here 3 more to make sure that you never encounter a kitchen fire while cooking.


Tip #1: Keep your appliances serviced and cleanedto make sure they work properly. In all accidents, there are factors we can’t control so you should at least take care of the factors you can control, like the condition and cleanliness of your appliances.


Make sure you remove all bread crumbs on the toaster regularly, wipe the insides of your microwave, and unplug all appliances that aren’t being used. Have appliances checked or repaired when they start acting funny. This way, you can prevent any accidents from happening due to appliance failures.


Tip #2: Check the batteries of your fire detector. Not all homes have a person inside them 24/7. Because of this, smoke detectors inside the kitchen would be really helpful in times when homes are left empty while something’s cooking in the kitchen.


But it isn’t enough to have a smoke detector in your kitchen. Make sure that the batteries still has power to operate your detector. Recharge or replace them regularly every six months.


Tip #3: Forget about wearing long sleeves while cooking. One of the worst possible things that could happen while you’re cooking is catching the fire on your clothing. Watch your clothing while you’re cooking.


As much as possible, avoid long, flowing sleeves, large fitting clothes. As much as possible, it would be better to wear short sleeved clothes and well-fitted shirts. And also, tie your apron at the back well.


Cooking needs attention and time. Don’t leave them unattended to prevent accidents from happening. Moreover, follows these tips to protect your free standing or fitted kitchen at all times.