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Finding the Perfect Fitted Kitchen Rug


Kitchen are high traffic areas. No matter what time of the day, there will always be someone in the kitchen. Moreover, there are times when everyone in your home is in the kitchen, preparing food for dinner or setting up the dining table.


Make your family and visitors’ trip to the kitchen a lot more fun and pleasant by giving a little character through fitted kitchen area rugs. Now most people would think that a rug in the kitchen is not a necessary thing to have however, some kitchens need life and through rugs, you can easily remedy the problem.


Picking the right kind of rug for your fitted kitchen entails choosing a rug made with specific materials and characteristics. This is where style meets functionality. Because of that, we have compiled a few tips that could help you find the right kind of area rug for your kitchen.


Go for basic black


The kitchen is often messy because of all the cooking and food preparation that happens and sometimes, it can’t be avoided that something will fall on your kitchen floor. It would be a shame to have your light coloured fitted kitchen area rug stained. So to prevent this, you can go for classic and stylish black rugs.


Black rug is basic enough to prevent stealing the show from your appliances.  Other dark colours can also be an alternative such as navy blue and maroon.


Strike a balance between aesthetics and care


When choosing your fitted kitchen rug, you have to pick one with a fabric or material that is durable, stain resistant, and moisture resistant. Some great rug fabrics are polypropylene, cotton, vinyl, wool, and nylon. The first three fabrics are easily to clean while wool and nylon are stain-resistant. Choose one which suits your kitchen’s needs.


Purchase non-slip rugs


Apart from rug style, rug safety should also be considered. Since the kitchen is a high traffic area in your home, you must make sure they are safe by checking if they are securely in place. Pick rugs with non-clip backing or you can put a separate rug underneath it to prevent slipping accidents.


Rightly size


Rugs come in different sizes and shapes. In choosing the right size and shape of your rug, you have to consider the size and shape of your kitchen and the exact location you intend to use it. Galley kitchens can safely bet of runners while rugs for the sink can go with just 2’ x 3’. 4’ x 6’ and 5’ x 8’ rugs work best under the table.