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Fitted Kitchen Décor: To Paper or To Paint?

Choosing between wallpaper and paint is like choosing between tea and...tea because everyone has his or her own cup of tea. And just like how every tea has its own flavour and aftertaste, so do paint and wallpaper have their own advantages and disadvantages when used to cover the walls of your fitted kitchen.




Pros:Nothing adds character and warmth to you kitchen like good wallpaper. Depending on which type you choose, wallpapers can add texture to your kitchen, as well. Unlike paint, which has to be redone every couple of years, wallpaper can last five times longer so you can take advantage of its beauty for a long time and for less. You won't have to worry about this beauty getting soiled too because some wallpaper can be scrubbed and even removed then reinstalled so you can easily brush out dirty handprints and unwanted stains.


Cons:Wallpaper made of natural material adds texture to your kitchen but also imbalance over time when the colour of each sheet changes at different rate. Peeling is also a big problem for most wallpaper because adhesive used to hang them on your wall cannot stand high moisture. When some sheets come off, it will be very difficult to install new ones. Removing them isn't easy either so you better make sure you choose a design that you won't get bored of in the next ten years or so.



Pros:If wallpaper is difficult to replace, paint definitely isn’t. All you need is to repaint your entire wall or a certain area that peels off. Sure, repainting is done more often than repapering but this gives you more chances to change the style or theme of your kitchen when you need or want to. Water-based paint is resistant to heat, making it perfect for a kitchen with a frequently-used hob and oven.


Cons:Oil-based paints dry slowly and are not resistant to heat and damage so they easily peel off. Professional service will be required for this type of paint as it can run off when applied the wrong way. Even if a professional painter does the job for you, paint leaves a heavy smell and gives off harmful compounds that have adverse effect on health and the environment.


The walls of your fitted kitchen can transform it from bland to cosy with paint or wallpaper. Choosing between these two will depend on what you want for your fitted kitchen.