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Fitted Kitchens For Families


A home is not complete without a kitchen that fits a family’s needs.  Just like other parts of the house that need specific furniture and features that cater to the requirements of each person living in a house, our kitchen needs to have a number of qualities in order to be called functional for a small or big family.



Fitted kitchens for families are easy to design once you have an idea of what you want and what you need.  To help you find a fitted kitchen design for your family, we here at FittedKitchensInfo.co.uk have written down a few tips that should be helpful in achieving your dream kitchen.  Follow one or all of the tips mentioned below for a hassle-free fitted kitchen set up.


Write down the list of things you want for your kitchen


If you’re building a kitchen from scratch or clean slate, then we can say that you have a lot of freedom with the final outcome of your kitchen.  However if you already have a kitchen which you want to renovate, then you can either have it remodelled while maintaining some of its features or completely taking out everything.


Having an idea of what you want for your kitchen will give you direction.  Do you want to have a modern looking kitchen or a classic looking kitchen?  Do you want to have a kitchen island?  Are you thinking of having an open plan kitchen?  Or do you want to have a specific colour for your whole kitchen?  Answering some of these simple questions will narrow down your search for a new kitchen design.


List down your kitchen needs and requirements


For at kitchen to be functional, you need to list down things or specific details that you need for your kitchen.  If you have children, think about how they use the kitchen and how much time they spend in it.  Do they do their homework in the kitchen?  If yes, then you might want to consider having a large kitchen island to accommodate them while you prepare food to eat.  If you have pets such a sick cat or dog, you can also try having in little space for them or they can eat or sleep in.  In short, you should consider all of the ways that your family members could possibly use your kitchen in order to prepare you for wants to come.


Contact a professional and experienced kitchen planner


Asking for the help of a professional kitchen planner is a safe and smart way of having a new fitted kitchen.  Look for a kitchen planner that has a portfolio of past works and is experienced for at least 10 years or more.  Talk to them about your ideal kitchen, what you’re actually faced with, and the needs of your family.  Informing them of these kinds of information will make kitchen designing a lot easier as they can combine your needs and wants seamlessly.


If those tips are not enough, you can try getting inspiration from interior design magazines about kitchens, fitted kitchens of some celebrities you like, or even from pictures you found online. Compile these photos and create a mood board to help you give a more concrete idea of the kind of fitted kitchen that’s perfect for you and your family.