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Fitted Kitchens for Small Spaces

The UK is a congested country and space in cities is a premium. That’s why it is important to learn how to make use of every space you have, especially in your kitchen. The kitchen is where you prepare family meals, spend time with, and have a little chit-chat. The kitchen is the central hub of your home and without it, you will have difficulty trying to make your home comfortable and liveable.


So to help you find out how you can organise and decorate your kitchen accordingly, here are some fitted kitchen designs meant for small kitchen spaces.


Ultra Compact Kitchen



How about having a kitchen that has everything you need in one single piece that is roughly the same size as a bedroom dresser? Well, designers from French firm Kitchoo did just that. This sleek and minimalist kitchen looks like a desk when not in use but when the top if flipped up, it reveals a sink and two burners. Underneath it is a small ref/freezer with a drawer-style microwave. It even has a tiny dishwasher. This is certainly not the type of kitchen you are looking for if you have a large family with you however it is perfect for guest houses, students, and single individuals.


Black and White Open Plan Kitchen



Open plan kitchen layouts are perfect for homes with limited spaces. It opens up your kitchen to another part of your home either the dining room or a living room. For this kind of fitted kitchen, it is best to invest on good furniture and appliances.


Beach Hut Kitchen



This small fitted kitchen actually comes from one of Britain’s most expensive beach huts, which is only six feet wide. This kitchen is perfect for homes with this kind of kitchen space, only along the wall.


Corner Kitchen



Designed by Richwood Interior, this kitchen layout is perfect for small kitchen space. This corner furniture makes use of a corner while adding shelving on the walls for more storage and space. Apart from that, this fitted kitchen is ready for the addition of electronics such as a television, telephone, and others.


Vertical Space for Small Kitchens



This kitchen is designed by Ikea from the Liding collection. As you can see from this photo, you have the wall space utilizes for the kitchen. This will keep the floor area free and spacious. Small and narrow units are used.


The kitchen is a very important space in your home and not learning how to maximise it can lead to a catastrophe. Get the best fitted kitchen quotes for small kitchen through our free quote comparison service. Try it today.