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Fitted Kitchens for the Modern Couple


Designing a kitchen for a family has a set of different needs. Designing a fitted kitchen for student or a young professional also has needs different from that of a modern couple. So how do you design a fitted kitchen for a modern couple? Or how do you create fitted kitchens for couples of today’s generation? 



To help you organize things you have to consider when looking for a kitchen, I’ll give you a few reminders. First, think about the purpose of the kitchen. Commonly, the kitchen would be used for cooking and preparing meals. However, since most couples today are required to work separate jobs to earn enough money, they probably won’t have enough time for cooking meals. So would the kitchen ideally be used for quick meals and reheating or would it be used as a classic kitchen? Identifying the purpose of your kitchen will help you pick the right kitchen in. 


Another thing you have to consider is the amount of available space in your home.  If you have limited space, then it’s best to get a fitted kitchen and with units integrated with appliances such as the dishwasher. You also have to use your space wisely and installing cabinets that cleverly hide cooking and eating utensils. But if you have a relatively large space, you can opt to have a kitchen island or even a kitchen counter. 


Third thing to consider is the design of the kitchen itself. Now there are many kinds of styles available that you can choose from. All of these styles are versatile enough to fit into any modern couples needs. Chose from having a simple shaker style kitchen, a homey country style kitchen, a modern and sleek looking contemporary kitchen, or open up some space with an open plan kitchen design. 


Couples today have unique needs and wants so having a bespoke fitted kitchen is the perfect idea to having a place where you can dine and prepare delicious meals no matter what time of the day.