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Fitted Kitchens: Students and Yuppies Meet Your New Best Friend


If you are a student or young professional who doesn’t have the time to set up and prepare a full balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then you probably spend less time in your fitted kitchen. Although this is a common scenario for many students and yuppies, it is not advisable to keep living that way.



Preparing Quick and Easy Dishes


Getting caught up in work or quizzes and books should not be an excuse to mixing up something in your kitchen. So instead of treating it as an outcast in your life, turn it into your new best friend. Nisa Burns, the authors of “Kitchenability 101 – The College Student’s Guide to Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Food” makes it possible for busy students and yuppies to have a full meal without spending too much time in the kitchen.


Simple sandwiches such as the classic BLT, or a pasta dish such as the pasta Bolognese would only take less than 30 minutes to prepare. You can even make a simple asian salad that’s definitely high in the healthy metre.


The Internet is rich with easy and simple recipes you can try at the comfort of your apartment of dormitory kitchen. It doesn’t have to be grand. The important thing is that you utilize your kitchen to the max in order to create a healthy and fulfilling dish.


Kitchen Must-Haves


Like any other relationship, you have to give and take with your fitted kitchen. In case you don’t have the right equipment needed to cook the food you want to prepare, compromise with what you currently have. You can also borrow from other dorm mates or friends if possible.


To hasten the cooking and preparation process of your food, buy the right equipment. There are a lot of cheap online kitchen cookware utensils you can buy that won’t hurt your monthly budget.  You might even want to ask mom for a few extra things she doesn’t use in her kitchen anymore.


So don’t overlook your fitted kitchen next time. All you need is a few minutes in your kitchen, simple recipes, and some equipment and you are good to go! You might even be able to invent a dish sooner or later.