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How Do You Like The Idea of a Fitted Kitchen In Your Conservatory?


Fitted kitchens are typically found, well, inside a home. Sometimes though, you can find them outside the house like in the patio or even by the swimming pool. But have you ever heard of a fitted kitchen inside a conservatory?


It might not be a common sight but the result actually looks very beautiful and elegant. A kitchen inside a conservatory does have some special requirements and they need more care than the usual kitchen. One thing that is required is additional ventilation needs to be fitted withing the conservatory. Double glazed conservatories can trap heat and if the heat coming from the cooking does not escape properly, you might have condensation and mould problems after a few weeks.


There are also certain zones in a typical kitchen you need to think about when building it inside a conservatory. The non-consumables, consumables, preparation, cooking, and cleaning zones must be well thought of and correctly laid out in the conservatory. Despite the many concerns that need further thought when having a fitted kitchen built in a conservatory, it is still possible.


I have here a few pictures of kitchens inside actual conservatories. Check them out and see whether its appealing to have one for your home.


fiited kitchens inside a conservatory


fitted kitchen and dining room in a conservatory





If you plan to have a fitted kitchen built in your conservatory, you need to consult with a kitchen planner. This is not a simple project than can be done through DIY packages. Finding cheap fitted kitchen prices can easily be done through our fitted kitchen quote comparison service.