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How to Create More Storage in Small Kitchens


Learning how to work with the available space you have in your small kitchen is a valuable trait you should learn when organizing your space. Small kitchens are common among many city homes and apartments. For the sake of economizing, a lot of people have decided to stick with their kitchen instead of having it remodelled. But now, you do not necessarily have to suffer with a kitchen with limited space.


To help you make the best out of your humble kitchen, I have here tips you might want to consider to create more storage space in your kitchen. The kitchen will always have a lot of things in it in various shapes, sizes, and weights. So to help you organize them properly, here are recommendations you can try in your kitchen.


Declutter your kitchen space


As much as possible, you must declutter your kitchen from ever aspect. Why not sell some of the old kitchen appliances you barely use or throw out the expired bottles and food inside your refrigerator and cabinets to free space. Decluttering your kitchen of things you do not need will instantly make your kitchen a lot more spacious that it was before. Throw things you don’t need and rearrange the things you will keep in an organized fashion.


Look up for additional space


If you think you still have a lot of kitchen items that can be thrown away, create space for them. Instead of having picture frames on your walls, convert them to storage. Use wall mounted shelves, wall magnets for your knives, and floating baskets to increase your space for storage.


Create more spaces in cabinets


Cabinets can be further divided to make the items inside it arranged. Double your shelve space by using under-shelf baskets than can be stacked on top of each other. You can also use cabinet shelves to create inside if your cabinets.


If possible, rearrange your kitchen


If you feel like starting from scratch, then consider rearranging your furniture and appliances. Most kitchen appliances such as ranges and refrigerators can take up a lot of space if not placed correctly in your kitchen. So if you feel like you have such, you can rearrange the kitchen appliances and furniture. Simply placing your microwave on top of your refrigerator can create a big difference.


Try following these simple tips to free up some space in your kitchen. If you have other tips you would like us to include, send us a message!