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Kitchen Colours that Create Moods


Colours can give anybody a free energy lift. Simply being inside a room can change your mood depending on the colours in it. It can excite us, motivate us, and even make us happy. It is an important part of our environment which we can recreate using paint.


The use of colour in all your rooms is a must, including the kitchen. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) in America, selecting colours for your kitchen or bath should be accompanied with the proper lighting to really see its colours. Also, you can use colours to manipulate the space around you, such as making a space bigger or small than what it actually is.


One question you could ask yourself before buying paint is, “How do I want to feel?” This is one question designer Leslie Harrington asks herself during interior designing. She says that once she knows the answer to the question, she then supports it with the appropriate colours. However, she adds that for kitchens, you also have to know what the role of the kitchen will play in your household.


If you often spend a lot of time in the kitchen together with your family, you may want the colours of soft gold, warm peaches, and terra cottas since these colours evoke warm, nourishment, and fun. On the other hand, if you would prefer a tranquil setting while heating take-out after work, then you may want the serenity offered by shades of green, blue, and gray. As said by Lori Dennis


Here are other kitchen colours you may want to try as well.


Blue Shades: Light blues create an airy and open feel into your kitchen. Blue shades are associated with freshness, relaxation, and coolness.


Yellow Shades: Yellow is the first colour the eye sees. Create a fun and warm vibe in your kitchen by using warm shades of yellow to gold. Just don’t overdo the yellow colour, especially the lemon yellow colour, because it can irritate people.


Green Shades: Use green as the ultimate pacifier. This colour is relaxing and can relive stress and give a room a calm feeling. You can combine green with other colours such as blue and yellow to make it more cheerful.


Red Shades: Red shades can cause excitement to people. It is the colour highly associated with fast food chains because it can make you hungry. Use red appropriately.


Orange Shades: Orange gives any room a warm and cheerful mood. It gives enthusiasm and excitement. This is a great colour for the kitchens, foyer, and even the exercise room.


Every shade of colour can affect our mood so use it wisely when decorating your kitchen. A simple colour can give your kitchen a new life and atmosphere.