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Pests! 5 of the Most Common in Your Kitchen and How to Deal With Them (Part 1 of 2)

Piles of unwashed dishes and greasy surfaces are gross and unsightly, but having pests in your kitchen takes the biscuit (sometimes even literally). Every homeowner naturally wants his or her kitchen to be the cleanest room in the house but kitchens also naturally attract pests especially when we forget to clean up the crumbs on the countertop or throw out the trash.



Pests not only bring dirt but even carry diseases into our home. Knowing how to get rid of them will ensure us the safety of our family and our pantry. Here are two of five common kitchen pests and how to deal with them when they get comfortable in our kitchen:




Ants aren't as dirt as the other four pests on this list but they can be a bigger problem when ignored. One ant on your countertop or in the cupboard may not make you worry but this ant could be a sign of damage yet to come. This lone ant could be a scout looking for a source of food that it could lead its colony to. And when all thousands of ants in the colony get to your kitchen, their sheer number will make it almost impossible to get rid of them.


How to Deal: Although insecticide sprays work, they're only as good as your fingers because they only get rid of the ants that see you crawling around your kitchen. As long as the colony is alive, ants will keep coming no matter how many you squish. Ant baits, on the other hand, will let the worker ants work for you by carrying toxic back into the nest, affecting the whole colony. If you're afraid commercial ant baits may contain too much pesticide, you can make your own using boric acid. Be careful to keep ant baits away from the reach of children and pets.




Roaches, yuck. Aside from making your children's skin crawl (admit it, yours too), cockroaches pose risks to health because of diseases they carry. The most common species we have in the UK are the German cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach. The Oriental cockroach is dark and usually found in sewers while the German cockroach is light brown and usually seen in warm and humid places. Although you don't want either in your kitchen, Oriental cockroaches can't climb up smooth, vertical surfaces making them harmless to stainless steel kitchens. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't be worried when you find one in your kitchen.


How to Deal: Pest technicians or exterminators can effectively help get rid of this resilient pest. However, if you don't want to spend money or kill ALL the bugs and insects in your home, there are alternatives to killing cockroaches like using insecticidal gels. Insecticidal gels work like ant baits do in a way that one cockroach can lead to the death of others because cockroaches feed off each other, thus transferring the poison among them.


Although getting rid of pests in your kitchen as soon as you can is good practice, keeping pests from getting in your home is even better. Some ways of doing this is (1) to seal food properly, (2) take out the trash frequently, and (3) clean up spillages immediately. Maintaining the cleanliness of your fitted kitchen will not only protect it from pests but also make it last.