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Pests! 5 of the Most Common in Your Kitchen and How to Deal With Them (Part 2 of 2)

Last time we gave you 2 of 5 common pests a dirty kitchen can attract - ants and roaches. This time we'll give you the rest of the list of common pests, which could be worse than those persistent ants crawling on your countertop or those dangerous roaches carrying diseases into your home.





Like pesky ants that keep coming back no matter how many you squish, flies keep going around you and your food no matter how many time you wave them off. This causes not only annoyance but also possible food contamination because flies can transmit diseases with the germs and worms they carry. Although flies can only eat liquids, they can also turn solid food into digestible form so they'll land on anything they can eat or turn to food.


How to Deal: Fly sprays will drive flies out of your home but this could also suffocate you, your family, your pets, and maybe your neighbours too. An alternative would be to use fly paper or bug zappers but this will take more time, effort, and patience.




Cereal boxes, potato chips, and even books fall victim to this pest. The biggest problem with mice, aside from their gnawing, is their small size. It's hard to control and get rid of them when they can hide inside the tiniest crevices in your home.


How to Deal: Pesticides will effectively kill mice but it will be hard to clean up when they die in hard-to-reach places. Pesticides can also be dangerous to you and your family. Although having a pet snake might be the coolest way to get rid of mice, there are more practical ways of doing it. If you have a cat, you won't need a snake. If you don't, snap and glue traps are also effective.




Rats are bigger, meaner, and have twice as many pups as mice - not the best freeloaders. Although they can't fit in crevices like mice do, they're more cautious around traps, which may explain why it could take days or weeks to capture them before you see anything caught on your glue traps.


Preventing these pests from getting into your home will save you the difficulty of driving them out. Lighting citrus and pine-scented candles will repel flies but having screen doors and windows will keep them (and other flying insects) out anytime of the day. For mice and rats, sealing all possible entries and filling crevices can work. However, maintaining cleanliness in your fitted kitchen is always the best pest prevention.