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Practical Ideas to Make Your Fitted Kitchen a Manageable Workspace, Part 1

It's easy to be overwhelmed when designing your fitted kitchen (or any room in your house, for that matter). With cupboards to choose and appliances to arrange, it's hard to find time to think about how to make your kitchen a space to efficiently work in. Unfortunately for you, we're giving you more things to consider in designing your kitchen. However, these tips will contribute to making your kitchen a manageable workspace.





If you have many windows to let fresh air into your kitchen, ventilation isn't a problem. However, most kitchens these days don't have enough windows to let the air in. Without proper ventilation, grease, moisture, and steam released into the air from food on your hob will settle on appliances, pieces of furniture, and paint. This means extra cleaning, discoloration of paint, and increased temperature and humidity. Cooking smells do make for a cosy and relaxing home but having good ventilation will make it possible for you to get these out of your kitchen later or when you used too many onions in your dish.




As we've mentioned before, task lighting will illuminate your countertop, sink, and hob where you do much of the work in your kitchen. Task lighting is especially important for kitchens used only to prepare food. Ambient lighting is equally important especially since not many kitchens have enough windows for natural ambient light. However, combining these two in your kitchen is best so you can switch from task to ambient lighting (or use both!) depending on what you need to do in your kitchen.




Having the best appliances in your kitchen is as important as having enough sockets for you to use them. An ample amount of well-placed sockets will allow you to arrange your appliances properly so you can get to them with ease every time you need to. If you think having a lot of sockets in your kitchen is making it look mechanical, try these for camouflage:


·      use coloured cover plates – cover plates don't come in just white anymore. Get brown cover plates for a kitchen with wooden furnishings or red if you want to be different

·      make the most of your wallpaper – if you're planning to use wallpaper in your kitchen, use it to hide cover plates

·      hide sockets – if you can't replace existing cover plates or don't have wallpaper in your kitchen, hide sockets behind a fruit bowl or vase of flowers


Good ventilation, well-placed lights, and enough sockets are just some things to consider in designing your fitted kitchen. Watch out for more tips in our next post.