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Shaker Kitchens: Why It's For Every Home


It is usually said that each home has a specific style it needs to follow. If you have a modern house, you should go for modern decorations. If you have a country style living room, your kitchen should also have a country look and feel to it. But as the times change and the non-conventional becomes acceptable, this year might be time for you to embrace a whole new idea of theme adaptation for your home, including in the kitchen.



Of all the kitchen styles available nowadays, there is probably one kitchen style I could consider as universal. This style is simple enough to fit any budget, theme, and size therefore making it a style possible in every kind of home. And that specific style is the Shaker kitchen.


Although these kitchens look very simple, Shaker kitchens have a unique charm and look that is highly adaptable in different kinds of home. To know why, here are a few basic things about Shaker kitchens you might find interesting.


Short history of shaker kitchens


Yes, it probably has to do something with shaking but that is not the reason at all why Shaker kitchens were named as such. With its catchy name, who would not be curious to find out what Shaker kitchens are and its history?


There was once a religious group called Shakers that came from England and moved to New York. They were well known for their celibacy and unique culture which probably became their legacy to the American nation. They invented a large number of objects that we still use today such as the circular saw, the clothes peg, the flat broom, and even a wheel-driven washing machine.


Apart from those, they were highly respected for their dedication to hard work and perfection that they were able to develop a special kind of architecture, handicraft styles, and furniture. Thus the distinct look of their kitchens.


Basic distinguishing features


Walls – No wallpaper, no designs, no colourful paint. As long as it’s off white, plaster white or of earthy tones, your kitchen can have a shaker look. Shaker kitchen incorporated colours to their kitchens through dyes and pigments. The walls are also installed with wall mounts for more storage.


Furniture – Simple, extremely sturdy, and all made of wood, Shaker kitchens only used what’s around them and built furniture with an extreme eye to simple details. Quality and functionality are the two most important words they live by when creating furniture and others.


Countertops and sinks – Since they didn’t have enough tools to cut through other materials, Shakers usually has wooden or light coloured granite or marble countertops. Limestone and slate soapstone were also used. They are usually square-edged solid surfaces.


Cabinetry – Cabinets were solid, had no trims, but had large handles for easy use. If it did have some details, they were kept at a minimum. Shakers were also the first who had cabinets with glass doors so they would know what’s inside them easily.


Kitchen floor – Floor materials usually ranged from stone, varnished timber or wood.


Why it suits every kind of home


Shaker kitchens are very simple yet were built for years to last without losing its functionality. Every room in your home can be different from the other as long as they are connected by a piece of idea. Whether you have a Victorian style living room, a country style bedroom, and a shaker style kitchen, you and your family will have a chance to be creative and enjoy the chance of scenery, even if you are just inside your home.


If you think simplicity, strong functionality, and durability are what you are looking for in a kitchen, then Shaker kitchens might just be your best bet. Interested to know how much it could probably cost you to have your own Shaker fitted kitchen at home? Make sure to contact us for a free and no obligation quote!