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Take Inspiration from Today’s Hip Kitchen Trends


Searching for the latest kitchen trends can sometimes be tiring but thanks to RealHomesMagazine.co.uk, we’ve found some of the most wanted kitchen trends you might want to try for your own kitchen. Bring in a different vibe from the past looks of your kitchen by following the advice of kitchen experts in and around the UK.



But don’t be a fanatic. Translate these trends into your home by only making them as an inspiration. That way, you won’t completely blow your budget yet still looking trendy and in. Kitchen designs do not change for a long period of time so investing in some trends which you think can represent your personality will never run out of style.


Here are a few trends you can adopt for your fitted kitchen this year.


·         Accent coloured cabinet doors


Try installing some coloured accent doors. Some popular examples of these are from IKEA. The great thing about these doors is that the colours can be changes or updated according to the scheme you want to have your kitchen. This way, you won’t have a single style in months.


·         Round edges


Replace the sharp edges of your kitchen with rounded edges that create a soft and understated kitchen design for average sized homes. If you have a galley kitchen, experts advice homeowners to get S-shaped drawers with wall units.


·         Bold contracting colours


For a long lasting kitchen look, go for classic kitchen units with neutral colours accentuated by bright and bold colours on your walls. Use colours to update your kitchen instead of replacing your whole kitchen. This way, you only need a new wall paint colour when you need to change the look of your kitchen.


·         High gloss kitchen


Go for a classy and sleek kitchen with high glass countertops and doors in either black, white, or even oyster red. This is and has always been a popular choice by residents.  This could be your ticket to a lustrous, contemporary looking kitchen.


·         Open it up


Remove the barriers between your kitchen and living room with an open plan kitchen layout. This kind of layout is stylish and opens up space in your home to a more fluid design. However, when planning to have your kitchen renovated to this layout, make sure you keep textures at a low to avoid overpower this scheme.


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