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Tips to Get Organised in Your Small Kitchen


Space is a premium here in the city and sometimes, we are not all blessed with a kitchen large enough to fit the whole family. Because of this, maximising the space we have in our kitchen becomes a necessary and valuable skill we all need to learn and master.



Make sure that despite the heavy human traffic you expect in your kitchen everyday, your kitchen is accident-free with a lot of available space for important kitchen tasks, including food preparation and cooking. So how do you do it? Simple. You just need to have a lot of good storage tips applicable to your kitchen. Since we want to help you with your space dilemma, we have here stylish and cool tips and tricks that will clear your kitchen counters for that much needed space.


1. Decorate with display cabinets


Sometimes, a display cabinet is all you need to get things organised. Put a small or large on up and put it against the wall or hang it completely (if possible) to give you more storage and space. Decorate it with little knick-knacks or store important cooking condiments commonly used inside your kitchen. Place them near the stove or on an empty wall to give it some life.


2. Bespoke fitted kitchen


If you think that your whole kitchen simply won’t, have it replaced with a fitted kitchen with built-in storage features. This will cost you more money however, it is a wise investment to make especially if you are considering on selling your home after a few years. Kitchen renovations can increase the value of your home by 30 per cent.


3. Organisation bins inside cabinets


Don’t let your cabinet be a disorganised space. Make use of cabinet organisers that let you arrange the things you have inside them. You can also use racks for your big counter cabinets. Wicker baskets for your eating utensils are stylish and durable, and easy to clean options.


4. De-clutter your kitchen regularly


Most of the time, our kitchen can become a black whole for lost and finds inside our home. Don’t let this happen by making sure that you de-clutter your kitchen on a regular basis. Doing so will help you keep the space inside your kitchen clean and organised. Get rid of the boxes of your appliances, empty bottles, and old newspapers that has been forgotten in the corner of your kitchen. De-clutter can make your kitchen feel lighter and spacious.


If you want to learn more fitted kitchen tips, make sure you stay tuned in our blog.