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Top 4 Fitted Kitchen Accidents to Prevent

A minor fitted kitchen accident could result to a lot of things. It can ruin a great lunch with your family, cause distress, and in worst cases, might even send a person to the hospital.


Handling fitted kitchen accidents that happen in your home will require a lot presence of mind and care. So before anything else happens, you might as well get to know the top four accidents that commonly happen in many homes UK homes.


1.     Slips or Trips



According to a report released by the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006, the top most common cause of kitchen accidents is slips. Spilled items on the surface of the floor generally cause a slip in the kitchen.


The best way to prevent this type of accident is to make sure that no items fall on the floor. If the unavoidable happens, quickly wipe off or pick up the object on the floor to prevent people from slipping or tripping over it.


2.     Burns and Scalds


Have you experienced burning yourself while trying to get something out of the oven? Did you ever try to let go of mug with hot coffee in it because you accidentally spilled some of it onto yourself? Burns and scalds are common in the fitted kitchen so to prevent these, make sure you handle hot objects with care.  Always let hot items cool down a bit to prevent future accidents.


3.     Cuts



Picking up broken pieces of glass or slicing a bagel can cause cuts from sharp objects. A kitchen knife should always be handled with care. Moreover, practicing the proper way of slicing using a knife should prevent future cuts from happening.


4.     Kitchen Fires


A fire in your fitted kitchen may be the most dangerous of all accidents that could happen. If not put out in time, a kitchen fire will not only destroy your kitchen, but also your whole house. These types of fires can be caused by a lot of things.


You can read out previous post to learn how to prevent kitchen fires from happening. Having a fire extinguisher inside the kitchen could save you the trouble.


Preventing any form of injury in your fitted kitchen starts from knowing what the probable causes are. Spread these tips to your family and friends to save them from future fitted kitchen accidents.