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Top 5 2013 Kitchen Trends


Give your fitted kitchen a new look along with the coming of the new year. 2013 is fast approaching and what better way to update your kitchen than to follow the raging trends happening in the kitchen industry. So if you are looking for new ways to spruce up your kitchen, read on to find out the new trends making waves this coming 2013.


Lightened Colours



This year 2012, the ideal kitchen was painted with colours from the darker side of colour scheme. For this year though, it may take a turn for lighter and neutral shades. Imagine white, marble or stone kitchen countertops with elegant and natural light wooden flooring, which is still actually a popular choice.


Hidden Appliances



The minimalist kitchen designs are taking over. Since the general look kitchens go to now are more simple and clean, appliances are now being minimalistic and have grown hidden from plain view. You can go crazy with under-counter refrigerators which can also be used as a countertop, a hidden oven, and other big appliances camouflaged to make the kitchen clutter-free. Fitted kitchens best achieve the minimalist and hidden appliances look.


Lights Everywhere



Make sure your kitchen is well lit if you want it to be in line with this year’s new kitchen trends. LED is the best lighting option to get for your kitchen since it provides light in different strengths and is at the same time, energy efficient. Add lights in areas wherein you prepare and cook food such as under the cabinets, and other places that involves preparations.


Social Engagement



Today, kitchens aren’t exclusively for the mother who prepares meals for the day. The kitchen is slowly becoming a place where friends and families spend time in. Because of this, an increasing number of kitchen layouts are encouraging social engagement. Slimmer cabinets and central islands are just some of the additions that make kitchens a bit friendlier for social interactions.


Glass Backsplash



Many kitchens right now are getting glass backsplash added for a clean and simple look with a surface that can be easily maintained. Suitable for various kinds of kitchens, the glass backsplash is a type of upgrade that can be left as is or painted to add more colour. Moreover, it can enhance the lighting given by LED lights in your kitchen.


These trends are suitable for different kinds of kitchens, no matter what kind of kitchen you have. Watch out for these trends in 2013 as they are bound to be present on many fitted kitchens soon.