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Turning An Old Kitchen to Electricity


Every year, a certain number of kitchens are being removed and replaced with new free standing or fitted kitchens. No matter what the reason is, families replace their kitchen for a better quality of life. But have you ever wondered what would the best way to dispose of these old kitchens? Well, one way you can discard your old kitchen is by offering it to your local council to be used to produce electricity.


Old Kitchens Turn to Fire


Built and commissioned in 2007, the Sembcorp Biomass Power Station on Teeside uses biomass, in particularly wood, to produce electricity. Biomass is a clean type of fuel which is a carbon neutral process. Which this type of energy plant, people can have electricity without producing as much carbon dioxide as coal fired power plants.


So what does this have to do with your kitchen?


According to a video from Guardian.co.uk, “we burn 40% recycled wood and when I say recycled wood it’s the wood that you send to your local council tips. So for instance if you put a new kitchen in and you pull your kitchen out, we will burn the wood to make electricity to sell to the National Grid. We make 35 MW an hour on our turbine which is enough to power 30,000 homes every year.”


So if you are planning on replacing your old kitchen with a new one, then you might want to remember this tip to make your kitchen of some use!