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Vintage Fitted Kitchen Designs From Pinterest


Whether it’s a kitchen from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s, vintage kitchens bring out a different feeling to anyone who steps inside them. It’s like being transported to the past. These kitchens are unique, eclectic, and exciting because of their look.


If you are planning to have your own kitchen with a vintage design, then it might be a good idea to try and take a look at these vintage kitchens brought to you by Pinterest.



Everything about this kitchen is vintage. From the appliances to the pots used, you will enjoy the look of the kitchen. Although the materials aren’t really vintage and antique, these materials were crafted to recreate a kitchen from decades before. The white walls make it look bigger while the turquoise backsplash makes a perfect accent. The plates at the top help gives off a Mediterranean vibe to the kitchen.



This second vintage kitchen screams yellow and lively! The yellow cabinets and window frames make it lively and happy. The kitchen sink helps give the vintage vibe on this kitchen.



Explore the possibilities of a vintage kitchen by replacing the backsplash of your kitchen. Tiled kitchen backsplash is a classic look that many vintage kitchens have. The hardwood floors and white ceiling are nice touches that give a soft vintage look.



This kitchen looks beautiful. From the floors to the kitchen furniture, the vintage look was fully achieved. It somehow borders between a country or Scandinavian and a vintage kitchen. You can probably say it is a vintage country kitchen. This while tile backsplash makes it look clean.



Butler kitchen sink, mint coloured kitchen accents, and white cabinetry, this kitchen looks feminine and homey. This is a vintage style you might associate with your grandmother. Give this kitchen a twist with a modern, industrial stove.


Give some of these vintage kitchen styles a try. If it simply can’t be done, you can combine different elements from these kitchens to achieve the look you want. Vintage fitted kitchens are also available.