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What Designers Wish You Knew About Your Dream Fitted Kitchen

Hiring a designer to work on your fitted kitchen saves you much effort and time, but there are still some things your designer needs to know although he or she knows more about designing your kitchen than you do. Perhaps the busiest, and really the most important items, in your kitchen are the stove and the sink. So when your designer asks you what kind of stove you’re going to want in your future kitchen, be careful not to go with whatever stove comes to mind because this could make a lot of difference on how your fitted kitchen can turn out – in terms of utility and durability.



Choosing the Right Stove


When your designer asks you what kind of gas stove you want for your kitchen, it's not only the style that he or she is worried about. Unless your designer knows your choice of stove, he or she won’t be able to figure out how to plumb the gas line. The gas line location and height are important as stoves are manufactured differently now and don’t have much space behind them like old stoves, so the gas line will be a few inches above the floor. The type of stove will also affect what kind of gas pipe is needed as using the right (or wrong) size will affect how your stove will use fuel. Unless the right size of gas pipe is used for the right appliance, your stove will be starved for fuel.


Choosing the Right Sink


The type of sink you choose also has an effect on your kitchen’s functionality. Although the type of material is important, the height of the sink with regards to the drain also matters. Different kinds of sinks need different lengths for their drain so if you choose to have a sink on top of a counter; the sink is usually shallow and the counter usually empty but for the plumbs – which means long drain. Now, mount sinks are deep and usually installed with a garbage disposal, which means shorter drain. Considering what sink to have in your kitchen will not only affect how much work your designer will have to do, but also your comfort when you use your sink in the future.


Deciding which stove and sink you want for your fitted kitchen is more than just appearance but also utility. So when you do decide to have a fitted kitchen installed in your home, think hard about the stove and sink you need because these two affect almost everything you do in your kitchen.