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What You Need to Know About Installing Different Types of Wallpaper

Installing any wallpaper will generally require drawing a guideline, lots of adhesive, and lining up sheets until you cover the entire wall. However, the specific steps you will need to follow will change depending on the type of wallpaper you have and knowing these nuances will help you decide if these are worth the effort. Here are four types of wallpaper and how they differ in installation:





Vinyl wallpapers are perfect for kitchens because they're easy to clean and can withstand changes in temperature, humidity, and moisture. However, the texture and heaviness of vinyl requires the use of a special adhesive especially if the wallpaper overlaps itself.




This eco-friendly wallpaper is gaining ground in the home improvement industry because it’s easy to clean and install. It is directly applied onto a wall and after a few trims, you'll get a wallpaper that you can also easily remove to wash when you need to.




Installing grasscloth is not different from how vinyl wallpaper is installed. But unlike vinyl, the seams and shade of this all-natural wallpaper is difficult to match because of its material. It's also difficult to hold it up so, if you can, get professionals to install it for you.




Paper is installed like vinyl in that the adhesive is applied onto the paper rather than on the wall. The one thing you have to watch out for with paper is that it expands when the wrong type or excessive adhesive is used. Wallpaper should also be "booked" or folded toward the middle on both ends (making a book) to activate the adhesive. Finally, because wallpaper is easy to tear, it should be installed and handled gently.


The aesthetic appeal of your wallpaper will depend highly on whether it's installed properly or not. No attractive design can hide gaps between sheets of wallpaper or untrimmed seams. If you're unsure of how to install your wallpaper for your fitted kitchen, get professional installers to do it for you.