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Where Appliances Should Be In Your Kitchen

The thing with kitchens is, having well placed cabinets, cupboards, and counters won't matter when appliances are all over the place. Getting to your appliances easily saves you time in the kitchen especially for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners. Here are some tips we gathered to help you get from Point A to Point B with ease when things go mad:



Stove, Sink, and Refrigerator


Ideally, these three important appliances should form a triangle in your kitchen for you to get to them without difficulty and in just a few steps. There should also be enough counter space on both sides of your stove and sink and on one side of your fridge so you can easily move kitchen utensils into and out of these appliances. If you can't place these three appliances in a triangular formation keep in mind that there should be at least 30 inches distance between them.


Oven and Microwave


Having a stove with a built-in oven will make the oven a part of the work triangle in your kitchen. If you have wall ovens, position them in an area where you have enough room to open the oven door without obstructing the way. Just like your fridge, your wall oven should have 15-18 inches counter space on one side. For microwaves, mounting them on top of your stove or placing them in on your countertop can both work.


Small Appliances and Kitchen Tools


Having a work triangle can help you decide where you want your smaller appliances to be. One option would be to keep your kitchen tools and equipment in cupboards or cabinets. This will make your toaster accessible while saving countertop space.


Although these tips could help you decide how to arrange appliances in your fitted kitchen, what works (and what doesn't) will depend on what kind of kitchen you have and how often you use your appliances. For instance, it would be difficult to have a work triangle in a galley kitchen and it wouldn't make much sense to hide an appliance in a cabinet if you use it frequently. Look through our kitchen showcase for more ideas on how to design your fitted kitchen.