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Breakfast Bars that Ultimately Create a Better Kitchen



Wouldn’t it be great to have an area inside your kitchen where people can come around and eat immediately after the food’s been prepared? Are you searching for an area that serves as a place for preparation and at the same time dining? Well, if you have been looking for this kind of kitchen feature for your new kitchen, then you should consider having a breakfast bar.


Kitchen breakfast bars are great furniture pieces that offer a flexible and multi-tasking area inside your kitchen. Your breakfast bar can serve as a workplace, dining place, or simply extra space for appliances. It can maximise the space you have even if you have a small kitchen.


Ideas for Your Kitchen Breakfast Bar


Having enough space in your kitchen is a big plus when you are looking into renovating it. However if you’re not that blessed with enough space, you have to organise the space efficiently for everything to fit inside your kitchen. This is where kitchen breakfast bars become handy.


Here are some breakfast bar ideas you can try in your kitchen.


Kitchen Island

If you only have enough space for one island in your kitchen, then turn it into a breakfast bar. As mentioned earlier, your breakfast bar can also be used for preparing food. Set it up in the middle of your kitchen as it can be used as a cooking prep station and also as a tabletop for eating breakfast.


A simple solution to transforming this space into a breakfast bar is by adding adjustable and comfortable stools or chairs. This gives off an informal breakfast dining experience. Once it’s done being a breakfast bar, you can put away the chairs in another place to create more room.


Connect Rooms with Breakfast Bars

Are you finding your kitchen too small to have a breakfast bar fitted? Don’t worry. There is still a way for you to have a breakfast bar. If your kitchen is connected to the living room, then you can consider this idea. Speak with your kitchen designer and ask if it is possible to break down the wall in between the kitchen and the living room. Instead of a wall, have a breakfast bar installed. This makes the kitchen look bigger and can offer seating for both sides of the room. Add some stools and chairs for seating and take them away when not in use.


Movable Drop-Leaf Tables

If you are concerned about mobility, then consider having a portable drop-leaf table as your breakfast bar. This can be used as an island, extra space for preparing food, or as a breakfast bar in the morning. Roll it our when you need it and extend the leaves out when you need more space.