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Kitchen Appliances



There are quite a few things to look at when buying kitchen appliances. It's fine to have kitchen appliances that match together with the kitchen décor. Also it’s essential to have kitchen appliances that fit your needs. Ask yourself what is essential: design, functionality, and how it's used E.G. Do you do a lot of cooking? Yes- No. Then make your decision on the type of cooker you need. This goes with all other kitchen appliance for your kitchen. If you don’t need it don’t buy it. If you drink a lot of coffee, OK buy a coffee machine.



Kitchen Microwave Ovens


There are countless microwave ovens offered in electrical wholesalers today. Microwaves are not only used for reheating last night leftovers but make great meals very quickly and cheap as only a fraction of the energy is used, in smaller kitchens used as the main appliances for cooking. The types of microwave ovens you will find in the marketplace.


Due to the many designs they will never look out of place what ever style of kitchen you have be it a open plan kitchen or a grand country kitchen.


Kitchen Microwave ovens are manufactured with varying cooking wattages from 350 watts and up. The microwave manufacturing business has selected as its benchmark the 700-watt oven. Therefore, all the recipes that are available in cookbooks, the media, and magazines have been tested in the 700-watt oven.



Kitchen T.V. and DVD


Never miss your favorite TV program again this is one step up from having a bulky TV on the worktop. These are compact TV and DVD’s which flip down from below a high level cupboard so you can get a few tips from Delia while making dinner. If you lead a busy life getting the breakfast, lunch and dinner at night this is a little bit of luxury which is not expensive,and for a shaker kitchen is a must as it give not the impression of decadence when folded away.



Kitchen Toasters


The egg on toast toaster by Back to Basics is an original product intended to toast two slices of bread, bagel or croissant, cook an egg, while warming your bacon or sausage. It does all three functions at once so you're ready to eat your scrumptious breakfast sandwich within minutes no excuse for missing the train now. This is a must for apartments with a small kitchens.



Coffee Machine



All kitchens should have a coffee making machine on the worktop so you can quickly make that cup of coffee to give you a lift just when you need it and there’s nothing better then the smell of coffee 


These coffee making machines will deliver fantastic tasting coffee cup after cup, and look good just sitting on the work top of your shaker kitchen. You could find your guests may never want to leave once they've tasted the great coffee.



Dish Washers


Like many kitchen appliances, a dishwasher is one of those items that once you've had one, you can't be without one. There about the size of a fridge and fits in with the kitchen base units with a matching front so it look like a base unit until you open it.


Many have found a dish washer saves time and the drudgery of washing up also it keeps the kitchen clean and tidy simply put the dirty plates and  knifes into the dish washer and they are out of site when its full just press the button and it will give you sparking hygiene clean plates and cutlery,


Choose the right size of dishwasher


Sizes don't alter that much as far as external dimensions there all about  H850 mm x W600 mm x D600 mm, but check the capacity i.e. number of place settings, the number of plates and eating utensils the machine can wash (excluding any serving dishes, saucepans or utensils). A typical 12 place setting capacity would include:


12 x 240 mm dinner plates

2 x 185 mm dessert plates

12 tumblers

12 x 230 mm soup plates

12 cups and saucers

12 knives, forks, spoons etc





Electric Cookers

Electric cookers take longer to heat up than a gas. But if you prefer an electric oven go for the fan assisted ones preheating and cooking times are much quicker and the heat more even. As the fan circulates the air, this allows you cook a number of strong-flavored dishes at one time without the flavor being mixed.


Range Cookers

Range cookers can be run on gas or electricity; these are normally large cookers found in country kitchens , with up to eight gas burners and a double oven. It's just the thing if you're regularly cooking for a large family.



cookers with double ovens gives you more flexibility, allowing  you cook with the bottom and top ovens independently, but at the same time. The bottom section is normally a fan oven and the top is frequently a conventional oven with a grill at the top.


Gas Cookers

Gas cookers provide quick, receptive heat that cooks quickly on the hob. Controlled oven temperatures allow you to cook different dishes at different speeds; however, you will need to preheat the oven first. One of the down sides with a gas hob is the cleaning, if you allow a pan to boil over its a nightmare to clean.


Induction Cooker Hobs

Induction cooker hobs are much quicker easer to control and more energy-efficient than traditional electric or gas hobs, induction hobs are ideal in an eco-conscious world. The energy will only transfer into a steel pan which is immediately heated, no energy is wasted. He reason for this is that it will only work with a steel pan but not with aluminum, copper or brass only ferrous metals. So it’s very safe as you can put a bar of chocolate on the plate turn the plate on full but nothing will happen



Fridges and Freezers


If you have a shaker or open plan kitchen with a space for a fridge inside a base unit, you will require a built-in fridge. These are hidden behind the base unit door and are slightly more expensive than freestanding units. They are a bit smaller as they have to fit within a cabinet. never the less the specifications are the same.


Fridge Freezers 

A fridge freezer is the perfect answer if you're short of floor space, but allow for height room. A fridge freezer is one of the most essential appliances in your kitchen, keeping your provisions continuously cool and fresh. There are many models with varying features but you can be sure to find the exact one to suit all your requirements.


American Style Fridge Freezers

American style fridge freezers and freezers are becoming more and more fashionable, due to their huge capacities to both fridge and freezer compartments.So you need a large area to accommodate one such as an open plan kitchen.They are tall and as a rule built side by side with both doors opening out. They're totally frost free and tend to have several cool compartments at different temperatures. The freezer part usually has ice and chilled water dispensers – bear in mind these appliances must be plumbed-in within one metre of a water supply. 


These are some of the things you may like to consider when looking to buy:

Anti-bacterial protection – several models have Microban built into internal casing of the fridge / freezer, which helps kill bacteria, micro-organismS.

Safety Glass Shelves - with anti-spillage rims allowing the shelf to retain up to 500 ml of liquid should you spill the milk.

Separate compartments – helps stop contamination by storing food separately

Self closing doors - stops damage to your fridge freezer if you accidentally  leave the doors open. 

Deep door compartments - additional storage ideal for large bottles 

Vacuum storage - small sealed container where a vacuum is formed to make certain food stays fresher for longer.