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Kitchen Installation



The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. One of the first things your supplier will do is to remove your old kitchen units. In view of this you may consider setting up a temporary kitchen in another room for 1 week or so, thus enabling the kitchen fitters to install the kitchen as soon as possible.


We have listed the normal process of works, which will give you some idea of what to expect.


Dust sheets should be laid from the entrance door to the kitchen.

A temporary kitchen is set-up in another room (thus allowing tea to be made for the workers which is always a good idea), as this area will be out-of-bounds for a few weeks.


The old kitchen is removed including any flooring if necessary. Any rubbish is swept up to keep the work area tidy.


Any wall tiles are now removed and the services installed or altered, i.e. gas supply to the cooker. We would strongly recommend that a Corgi gas fitter carries out this work. Electric cables to the power points, cooker and lighting outlets. These are chased into the walls protected and plastered over or concealed behind the base kitchen units. Always insist on the local electricity board to check on the installation or get a certificate from the supplier stating that the installation is to the required standard and tested to IEE regulations.



All disturbed areas should now be made good where required, i.e. plastered and perhaps plastering to the ceiling area.


Your kitchen is now ready to be fitted. The base units are put into position and fixed. The worktops can now be scribed to the walls, as it is very rare that the walls will be at 90° to each other or 100% upright. This is normal practice. The cupboards are then fixed to the walls. Now you can start to see your dream come true.



The electricians will now fit the power points and concealed lighting etc. and connect up any other fittings. The plumber and gas fitter will also connect the appliances. You will note that at this stage various tradesmen will be doing various jobs and there will be a lot of work going on. It is a good idea for you to discuss the progress of works with your supplier.


At this stage your wall tiler should be appearing on site to tile any areas that you may have requested. Now the kitchen is taking on its appearance.


The decorator can now be brought in to paint ceilings and door frames etc. Please note that not all kitchen suppliers' carry out this type of decoration. However you may like to add your own personal touch.


The final transformation will now be the floor tiler or a fitter to lay the floor covering.


All that's left is to remove the temporary kitchen. Put the kettle on and sit back and enjoy your new kitchen.