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The Real Deal with Kitchen Planning


The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the busiest areas of your home. It is where each member of your family spends a few minutes of their day in the morning and night to dine or have a quick snack. But as time passes by, there will be a need to improve the current condition of your kitchen, whether it is due to deterioration, change in lifestyle, or other problems.


Sprucing up your kitchen is easy by installing new lights, buying appliances, and putting up decorations. However, if you need a complete remodel of your kitchen, then it might be time for you to think about prioritizing safety, space, and kitchen efficiency.


The Science of Kitchen Planning


Kitchen planning is not all about the aesthetics or design. It is mostly concerned with the effective layout of your kitchen to ensure that there is enough space for working and that each item in your kitchen is placed correctly for efficiency.


Planning your kitchen requires you to keep in mind a few simple guidelines. While some are simply good ideas and practices to follow, others are strict rules that could ensure the efficiency, safety, and functionality of your future kitchen. Here are just some of the reminders you must not forget.


Make sure that opened doors do not obstruct other passages or objects. Refrigerator doors are some of these that you have to consider. Place it strategically to create ease in movement around your kitchen without obstructing other appliances or kitchen cabinets.


The floor space in front of appliances should at least be 30 to 48 inches. Ample space is necessary since you need to walk in front of appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven.


Have the dishwasher placed beside your kitchen sink. Cleaning and rinsing your dishes becomes easier if your dishwasher is placed within 36” or less.


Make sure to install a fire extinguisher in case of emergencies. Fires in the kitchen can happen anytime. Make sure you are prepared for such an event by placing a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.


Allot at least 36 inches of counter top space for the preparation of your food. Having this amount of space gives you enough area for containers when you are transferring food from the freezer to the microwave.


Proper ventilation should not be forgotten. Installing an exhaust fan near your range can help prevent smoke from clouding your kitchen. Allow fresh air to circulate in your kitchen to keep it from getting a stuffy atmosphere.


Make use of the various types of lighting in your kitchen. Kitchens with dining areas need a separate kind of light to set the atmosphere. Use dimmers and even chandeliers to get proper lighting.


Doing it Right With Professional Kitchen Planning


Not all homeowners have the confidence to plan out their kitchen from scratch. Because of the many intricacies that need to be considered, it is a wise to choice to let the professionals handle it. Professional kitchen planning can be done by a kitchen designer.


You can simply tell your designer the ideas you have for your kitchen and they can check whether it is possible or not. Adjustments may be suggested to you in case something does not fit with your design.


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