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Replacing Your Old Kitchen



More often than not, UK homeowners considering having their old kitchen replaced are facing problems that are no longer bearable. Imagine having to deal with a leaking plumbings, old and cracked walls, rotting wooden cabinet doors, and even dysfunctional appliances. This kind of kitchen situation may not only hinder cooking delicious dishes in the kitchen but also cause danger to its users.


Deterioration, energy savings, home value, and change of lifestyle are just some of the reasons why many homeowners want to replace their kitchen. UK residents, such as yourself should not settle with these kinds of troublesome, grotesque, and inefficient kitchens. Updating to a new kitchen can change your home in a lot of good ways.


Different Types of Kitchens


Your kitchen is often one of the focal areas in your home. Encourage a wonderful atmosphere for cooking and dining by having it remodelled. Read on to find out the different types of kitchens you can choose from.


Country Style Kitchen – Country kitchens are strongly identified for having large wooden work surfaces, butler sinks, stone pantries, range, and stone floors. Some of the colours dominantly used in country style kitchens are cream and muted hues. Its features are also easy to clean.


Shaker Kitchen – Shaker kitchens are for homeowners who tend to have a liking for simple and plain kitchens that give off a minimalist feel. This kind of kitchen design originated from a religious group called Shakers who made everything with their hands, thus the simple styles seen in shaker kitchens.


Contemporary Kitchen – With contemporary kitchens, you will have the latest kitchen trends accompanied with cutting-edge appliances. Contemporary kitchens are designed to fit with the demands of the modern world for a practical and efficient kitchen experience.


Open Plan Kitchen – Open plan kitchens are open to another room in your home such as your dining room. This suits well for homes with large or small areas. Working spaces such as counter tops are used as dividers between the kitchen area and the dining area.


Small Kitchen – If you live in a tight condo unit or apartment with limited kitchen space, small kitchen designs are perfect for you. Smart planning is crucial with small kitchens as it concentrates on using every inch of space available in an efficient way.


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