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Open Plan Kitchens



Open plan kitchen will always have a wow factor if designed well. You don’t necessary have to have a large area, as this design can suit an apartment or a large house.


One of the things to bear in mind with an open plan kitchen that it will be open to another room e.g. dining room, so you will need to divide the two rooms possibly by a working surface. One thing to remember that the kitchen must be workable, therefore divided into working areas. The cooker and hob need to be close to each other with a good extractor fan above otherwise cooking smells will drift throughout the house.


Kitchen Appliances



The kitchen fridge or fridge freezer andother kitchen appliances need to be close to the food preparation surface and sink so this will allow you to take food from the fridge prepare it and wash up the utensils that you have used all in one area and not walking from one side of the kitchen to the other


This also applies to small kitchens. Kitchen appliances i.e. kettle, toaster, coffee cups etc in the one area, not only does it keep the kitchen tidy but allows you to work and clean up in just that one place. The same goes for the tea, coffee, sugar all in the same cupboard and not spread throughout the kitchen.


Kitchen Flooring



The kitchen is the most used room in the house not only for food preparation but the the whole family and friends then to congregate there for a chat and coffee, so its the floor takes a bashing not to mention what's spited dropped or walked on it,so carpet is a no no. What's left? tiles. A tiled floor or a stone floor is the answer, abit what you would expect to find in a country kitchen or shaker kitchen. Any spillage can be cleaned up in a matter of minutes and the floor is new again.here are many different types and colours of tiles on the market so that you time and choose a tile to match your kitchen units.