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Small Kitchens



Its size matters, where have I heard that before? But with small kitchens, performance is the key. With proper planning, a bit of flare and design it can be done and you wont need that many kitchen units, so it wont cost the Earth.  But you’ll need to be flexible and use every inch to good use, so instead of full-size appliances, go for scaled down mini-me versions. Look for pull out tables and corner drawers.  These save a lot of space in kitchens and are easily accessible. Your kitchen designer will advise you on that.


Todays one bedroon appartments and studio flats can appear to be small, but you can put in a small kitchen all you need is a wall unit that incorprates a mini fridge freezer, 4 in one oven, various size draws for cutllery, plates, glasses, tins and boxs of cereal and presto, you'v done it. Fit for the purpose and as pracitable as any other kitchen.


Kitchens need an oven, gas hob and dishwasher but where do you put then in a small space? Well here it is the TRIO 501 by Candy’s and comprises of a 4 burner gas hob, multifunction oven, grill, and a 6 place dishwasher.



Radiators in kitchens take up room so consider either a plinth heater these can be either feed from the central heating or are electrical operated, or if you are having a stone or tiled floor underfloor heating is also a good bet.


With any small kitchen we would allways sugget having light colour wall surface and flooring as this will make the kitchen look big and bright. Lighting is also very important so go for pelmit strip lighting and good ceiling lights such as quiz halogen.